According to the CFIA import requirements, all imported orchids must be "Bare Rooted. "This means they must be unpotted from the original growing medium, cleaned, sterilized, and exported from the original country.  Sometimes it allows the orchid's roots to be wrapped with loosed moss to keep them moist. However, it still considers bare-root as the orchids will need to readapt to the new environment once upon arrival. 

根據CFIA進口要求,全部進口植物都需要 “裸根”進口。意思是植物在出口地需要脫盆,清洗和消毒。有的時候允許有疏鬆的水苔包住根系來保濕。但是任然認為是裸根。裸根植物到達後都需要重新適應環境。

Bare-root conditions are very common for the newly imported orchid. They need a “rest time” to help them readapt to the new environment. Therefore, require growers with some experience. 


Bellows are some examples bare-root orchids. Please examine the conditions before purchase any bare-root orchid.


I will use BR (Bare roots) Scale to describe. 

  • BR-1: Good live roots and good leaves 根好葉好
  • BR-2: Some live roots and some good leaves 根還可以葉還可以
  • BR-3: Few live roots and may need to regrow roots 少根需要從新髮根
  • BR-4: No live roots and may need to regrow all the roots 無根需要從新髮根
  • BR-5: No live roots and need a recovery  無根需要特殊緩苗

Cattleya: BR-4 卡特蘭基本上都是幹根,沒有一條好的根系。都需要重新髮根。

 Phragmipedium BR-2-BR3 美洲兜蘭根系一般,有一些活根,基本上都會有黃葉。

Oncidium: BR-4 &BR-3 文心蘭,發貨會減去大部分根系方便清理。有一部分好根,不過也需要重新髮根。

Paphiopedilum BR-2 亞洲兜蘭,大部分根系不錯。株型小的植物和小苗有發現根系不是很多。

Dendrobium: BR-4 石斛蘭,根全是幹的,幾乎沒有好根。需要從新髮根。有觀察到有葉子枯黃,並且掉葉子。


Cymbidium Hybride:BR-4

Phalaenopsis: BR-1-BR-2 蝴蝶蘭,根葉都不錯。

Chinese Cymbidium:BR-1

Neofinetia (Vanda) falcata: BR-1





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