Plant Condition

  • We are an import company that does not maintain high stock level or grow orchids in Canada. Instead, the orchids are preordered and delivered to customers directly from our office as soon as they arrive in Canada.
  • The orchids are imported Bare-Rooted and sold AS-IS. Due to their condition, they are more challenging to grow compared to locally established orchids and are therefore more suitable for advanced growers with experience in handling bare-rooted orchids.
  • While we guarantee the live arrival of the plants, we do not offer a continuous warranty after you have received them.
  • The bare-rooted orchids are intended for growers looking to expand their collection. These freshly imported orchids may have defects and are not in perfect condition. Our quality control ensures they are of average quality and capable of growing. If you are seeking higher standard quality or for resale, please consider other options or contact us before purchasing

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