April Paph Pre-order 24 (Arrived)

  • Arrival Date:  Jun 04
  • Preorder sale: April1st-30th

 Please note Plant Size in the description:

-1GR=1Growth: Paphs usually arrival in 1 growth

-BS (Blooming Size): Plants at blooming size (BS) are capable of blooming within 12-18 months

 Please Note:

-The "Preorder" label means the plants have not yet arrived and are still available for pre-order.
-"New Arrival" label indicates that the plants have recently arrived and are ready for pickup and shipping.
-The "Local Growing" label signifies that the plants have been growing locally for more than 3 months.

    Preorder Plant Conditions:

    -The plants will be imported bare-rooted, adhering to CFIA import permit requirements and CITES regulations (if applicable).
    -'Bare-rooted' means that the plants will arrive without pots or any growing medium. Upon their arrival, they will be promptly delivered to customers.
    -Please note that bare-rooted plants which are newly imported are more challenging to care for compared to locally grown plants. This requires purchasers to have some experience in plant growing and to conduct thorough research before making a purchase.
    -While we guarantee the live arrival of the plants, please be aware that we do not offer a continuous warranty after you have received them.


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