May Preorder 24 (flight scheduled for Jun14)

Arrival date: Jun14

Preorder sale: May1-30

***Please note:***

  • We are an import company that does not maintain stock or grow orchids in Canada. Instead, the orchids are preordered and delivered to customers directly from our office as soon as they arrive in Canada.
  • The orchids are imported Bare-Rooted and sold AS-IS. Due to their condition, they are more challenging to grow compared to locally established orchids and are therefore more suitable for advanced growers with experience in handling bare-rooted orchids.
  • While we guarantee the live arrival of the plants, we do not offer a continuous warranty after you have received them.

***Please note:***

The Preorder label on the left top corner of the photos:

  • The "Coming Soon" label indicates that the preorder has not started yet. We are currently in the process of selecting varieties and communicating with our suppliers to finalize the details.
  • The "Preorder" label means the plants have not yet arrived and are still available for pre-order. Typically, you will receive a 10-20% discount for these preorders.
  • The "New Arrival" label indicates that the plants have recently arrived and are ready for pickup or shipping. At this stage, they are sold at the retail price. The 
  • "Local Growing" label signifies that the plants have been growing locally for more than three months.

***Please note:***

The preorder schedule and arrival date:

  • Expected Arrival Date: Orchids are typically expected to arrive one month after the preorder date begins.
  • Exact Arrival Date: The specific arrival date will be posted once the flight date is confirmed.
  • Arrival Notification: We will post notifications and photos of the arriving orchids on our Instagram page.
  • Shipping and Pickup Schedule: Shipping and pickup will commence the week following the orchids' arrival.
  • To minimize waiting time, please do not combine preorder items with in-stock items in the same order. If combined, all items will be held and shipped together once the preordered items have arrived.

***Please note:***

The Plant size and Maturity in the description:

  • The pot sizes listed, such as 1.7”, 2.4”, and 3”, refer to the original pot opening dimensions in which the orchid was grown. This provides an estimate of the size of the orchid you will receive.
  • "GR" stands for Growth, indicating how many growths you will receive with your orchid.
  • FS (Flower Size): Indicates orchids that have flowered before or are currently in spike.
  • BS (Blooming Size): Means the plant has matured and may bloom within 12-18 months. Regardless of size, plants capable of blooming within this timeframe are sold as BS.
  • NBS (Near Blooming Size): Plants labeled NBS are close to blooming size and may take about 12-18 months to reach BS size.
  • SD (Seedling): This label is used for seedlings that may take approximately 3-5 years to reach mature size.


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