August Preorder (Arrived)

August Preorder SALE
Preorder sales will start from Aug01-30
Expected Phal arrival date: Flight booked Sept 03
Phal Pick-up and shipping date: Week of Sept 04

  •  All preordered plants will come with bare roots and without pots or growing mediums (For more information on bare roots and shipping conditions, please read 中文訊息 ).
  • Please NOTE that Newly imported plants may have minor leaf and root damage during transportation.
  • After receiving the plants, they need time to recover, and we suggest that they be grown by experienced growers.
  • If you are a new grower, please purchase "New Grower Insurance" for an additional one-week live guarantee and free plant exchange per purchase.
  • How to place an order for local pick-up? Please read

 Fragrant  For Beginner 


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